Why is my shipment not returning data?

There can be numerous reasons as to why data may not be returned for a shipment. A few of the most common causes are listed below.

Invalid data input
Inputting the appropriate and valid data when working with the Vizion API is crucial in order to receive data back. If inputting carrier information (recommended) verify that it is accurate before tracking.

No carrier data available
If tracking is done before the carrier has generated any data nothing will be returned.

Poor carrier connection
On rare occasions we can experience an interruption in connectivity to our carriers.  In these instances, if processing takes place during a connectivity interruption, there could be an error returning data.  Data will be updated and received once connectivity issues are resolved.

Unsupported carrier
Vizion supports most major carriers, and is actively adding smaller carriers. A full list of supported carriers can be found here. Let us know if you regularly use a specific carrier that we do not have listed.

Definitions for the different statuses can be found in the What is the current status of my reference? article.