Types of milestone events

This article details events reported by VIZION during tracking. Events are reported by the ocean carriers.

Below are listed the general events that you may see when tracking a container with Vizion.  We are continuously working to standardize events across all carriers to provide the best data possible.

Note that the events listed on the right are the "un-standardized" milestone events as provided by carriers.

For a list of our standardized 8 Core Milestone events, please click here.

For information on what each of these events mean, this article will help.


Event Type

Event Description

General Events

Available for release / delivery
Carrier release
Customs hold
Customs release
Stripping empty
Loaded transshipment
Discharged transshipment
Transshipment delay
In-bound movement authorized
Out for delivery
Estimated arrival at destination
Picked up by customer
VGM received

Gate In Events

Gate in
Gate in full
Gate in empty
Gate in empty return
Gate in empty at inland origin
Gate in at origin port
Gate in at destination port
Gate in at inland destination

Gate Out Events

Gate out
Gate out full
Gate out empty
Gate out from origin port
Gate out from destination port
Gate out from inland destination
Gate out from transshipment port
Gate out to consignee

Barge Events

Barge arrived
Barge departed
Discharged from barge
Discharged from barge at destination port
Loaded on barge
Loaded on barge at origin port

Vessel Events

Vessel arrival
Vessel arrived
Vessel arrived at origin port
Vessel arrived at destination port
Vessel arrival at transshipment port
Vessel departed
Vessel departure from origin port
Vessel departure from transshipment port
Loaded on vessel
Loaded on vessel at origin port
Loaded on vessel at transshipment port
Vessel unloading at destination port
Vessel unloading at transshipment port
Discharged from vessel at destination port
Discharged from vessel at transshipment port
Discharged from vessel
Vessel berthed at destination port
Vessel berthed at transshipment port
Vessel berthed in port

Rail Events

Rail arrived
Rail arrived at origin port
Rail arrived at inland destination
Rail departed
Rail departed from inland origin
Rail departed from destination port
Loaded on rail
Loaded on rail at destination port
Discharged from rail
Discharged from rail at inland destination
Discharged from rail at origin port
Rail demurrage notice

Truck Events

Truck arrived
Truck arrived at origin port
Truck arrived at destination
Truck arrived at transshipment port
Truck departed
Truck departed from inland origin
Truck departed from destination port
Truck departure at transshipment port
Loaded on truck
Discharged from truck
Truck delivery scheduled
Truck pickup scheduled

Feeder Events

Feeder arrived
Feeder arrived at destination port
Feeder arrived at transshipment port
Feeder departed
Feeder departure from transshipment port
Loaded on feeder
Loaded on feeder at origin port
Loaded on feeder at transshipment port
Discharged from feeder
Discharged from feeder at destination port
Discharged from feeder at transshipment port