Troubleshooting your references

This article will offer helpful advice on what users can do to troubleshoot their references that are not returning the expected data before reaching out to Support

If you are not seeing update payloads for your active references, there are a few troubleshooting tips that may help you to determine the cause, or learn more about the issue, before reaching out to our dedicated Support team.

Check the status page

To begin, visit our status page and confirm that there is not an ongoing issue with the Vizion API or a particular carrier. If so, that may explain the interruption in updates and help to provide our current status in resolving the issue.

If not, please continue troubleshooting using the tips below.

Confirm that the container ID, bill of lading number, or booking number was entered correctly

If a reference has not returned any date or updates, we recommending reviewing the container ID, master bill of lading number, and/or booking number that was entered when the reference was initially created.

If one or more of the above values were entered incorrectly, do not worry!

You can unsubscribe from that reference using the Unsubscribe Reference endpoint of the Vizion API and then re-subscribe with the corrections using the necessary endpoint.

Check the reference's details and last update status

Use the Show Reference Details endpoint of the Vizion API to check the `last_update_status` field of the reference(s) in question. If the status is `extraction_failed`, `no_data`, or `webhook_failed` as examples, take the appropriate steps on your end or feel free to reach out to the Support team for additional help.

You can review all reference statuses here.

Confirm that the provided carrier code is correct

An important detail is to ensure that the container ID, bill of lading number, and/or booking numbers are being linked to the correct carrier code from our list of supported carriers.

If you do not know the carrier code, our API attempts to utilize auto carrier identification when subscribing based on the container ID.

If you are subscribing based on the master bill of lading or booking numbers, you will need to know and provide the correct carrier code.

Check the carrier's tracking webpage to see if there are new updates

Once you've confirmed that the container details are correct, we recommend visiting the tracking page for that reference's carrier to see if data is available or if new updates have been made available since the last update you received from Vizion.

You can find a list of tracking pages related to our supported carriers here.

Unsubscribe and re-subscribe as a last resort

If possible, it may be worth subscribing to a container (or containers) again to see if data returns for the newly-created reference.

If so, unsubscribe from the old reference.

If not, you are free to unsubscribe to either reference and then contact Support.

Contact our Support team

If you've followed all of the troubleshooting tips above and are still unable to determine or solve the issue, please contact the Technical Support team here and we'll happily help to investigate further!