How can I find ETA to destination port information within the JSON payload?

Within the JSON payload the ETA to destination port will be listed as an event within the list of events. There are two different event names that represent the ETA and you will only find one or the other in your payload, never both.

Vessel arrived at destination port represents the ETA of the vessel to the destination port when planned is set to true. This event will then represent the ATA (actual time of arrival) when planned is set to false.

Estimated arrival at destination represents the ETA of the vessel to the destination port. This event name is provided when a carrier does not provide any vessel arrival information. When the vessel arrival information is not provided Vizion cannot provide an ATA and the event will persist as an estimate and not an actual even after the vessel has arrived. Planned will be returned as NULL as there is no data to indicate a vessel arrival.

Some carriers will report an event for ETA and some do not. If a carrier does not Vizion will use other sources to find an ETA and provide the event. Depending on the information available the vessel and location information may not be present.

The carrier MSC will provide the event 'Estimated time of arrival' until the vessel arrives. Once the vessel has arrived the event is then presented as 'Vessel arrived at destination port'.