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Formatting the master bill of lading number

This article contains examples of acceptable master bill of lading formats.

Master bill of lading numbers for most international shipping companies follow the same format of SCAC + master bill of lading number. If your bill of lading number does not follow this format it may be a house bill of lading number (not supported by Vizion) and not the master.

Carrier SCAC + Master BOL Examples
COSCO (CCLU, CSLU, COSU or CBHU) 10 Numbers CCLU1234567890
Evergreen EGLV (12 Numbers) EGLV123456789012
OOCL OOLU (10 Numbers) OOLU1234567890
Maersk MAEU or MRKU (9 Numbers) MAEU123456789
MSC MSCU or MEDU (A or 1) (Followed by 6 Numbers) MSCUAA123456
Hapag-Lloyd HLCU AA(A or 1) (Followed by 9 Numbers) HLCUAAA123456789
CMA CGM (CMAU or CMDU) AAA (Followed by 7 Numbers) CMAUAAA1234567
Hyundai HMDU AAAA (Followed by 7 Numbers) HMDUAAAA1234567
Yang Ming YMLU(E, B, T or W) (Followed by 9 Numbers) YMLUE123456789
ZIM ZIMU or SSPH AAA (Followed by 4-7 Numbers) ZIMUAAA1234567
MOL MOLU (11 Numbers)A MOLU12345678901A
Hamburg Suud SUDU55555 (7-Alphnumeric) SUDU12345AAAAAAA
APL APLU (Sometimes has a 0) (Followed by 8 Numbers) APLU012345678
SM Lines (SMLM) + 4 letters + 8 Numbers SMLMNJPE70038700
ONE ONEY + 4 letters (Followed by 7-9 Numbers) ONEYHAMA71223610