Intermodal rail tracking

This article explains what intermodal rail tracking is, which carriers are supported, and how to have it enabled

What is intermodal rail tracking?

With Vizion, you can track cargo on Class I railways across North America and seamlessly monitor your containers' entire journey within a consolidated API response. There's no need to create separate transactions for ocean and rail tracking.

A significant portion of US ocean import shipments doesn't end at marine terminals; rather, they're transported by rail to inland facilities. This occasionally results in visibility gaps, particularly when marine terminals lack significant Last Free Date or availability events.

We are filling in those gaps and providing you with real-time visibility, even in tight windows like inland rail yards where free time is more strict. Avoid demurrage headaches by staying informed every step of the way.

You can also visit the Vizion API website here for more on intermodal rail tracking!

Which rail carriers are supported?

At launch, we support the following rail carriers:

  • Canadian National
  • CSX
  • Union Pacific
  • Norfolk Southern
  • BNSF
  • Canadian Pacific

For the full list of supported rail carriers, please visit here!

What rail events are supported?

We currently support over a dozen rail events such as:

  • Loaded on rail
  • Rail departure
  • Rail arrival
  • Free time to expire
  • Container available for pickup

For the full list of supported rail events, please visit here!

How do I enable intermodal rail tracking?

Enabling intermodal rail tracking is as simple as scheduling a demo with us here, or reaching out to the Support team at with any specific questions or concerns you may have about rail tracking!