Defining the API carrier code

This explains how Vizion defines a carrier code for use with the API and how it differs from a SCAC code

When using the Vizion API, the carrier code, as we have defined it, can be found in the following places:

On 2023/10/01, Yang Ming updated their SCAC from "YMLU" to "YMJA" as reported here. This also impacts their bill of lading prefix. However, their Vizion carrier code is unaffected and still defined as "YMLU".

We define a carrier code as a single 4-letter abbreviation, usually based on the the carrier's name) that is simple to maintain and not influenced by any external changes to a carrier's standard carrier alpha code, or SCAC.

SCAC codes are open to change, and so we prefer to use codes that we can control and provide via our Supported Carriers page for our customers.

Using the carrier Orient Overseas Container Line as an example, our database relies on the carrier code of OOCL to identify the carrier that is handling the container rather than the SCAC of OOLU.

We recommend the Create Reference by Carrier Code or Create Reference by Bill of Lading endpoints. Both of these endpoints rely on our carrier codes (i.e. OOCL) to create a tracking reference, and not the SCAC code.

Additionally, you will be able to see the SCAC code which may or may not match our personal carrier code in the payload returned by the reference update.

The Create Reference via SCAC endpoint of the API is deprecated. We recommend the Create Reference via Carrier Code endpoint instead.