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ACI: Auto-carrier Identification

This article explains how to track a container when the carrier is unknown.

If you are unsure of which ocean carrier your shipment was booked with and cannot accurately select a carrier code to provide with your container ID you may remove the [carrier_code] parameter from your input completely. The Vizion API will detect that no carrier was provided and attempt to find data with one of our supported carriers.

Your input will now look like:

"container_id": "MRKU0090522",
"callback_url": "https://yourdomain.com/webhook"

[callback_url] not required but it is suggested

If a carrier is found we will add the carrier code value to your shipment and begin tracking it just as if you had provided the carrier code upon input.

Please note that the Auto Carrier Identification feature should only be used if you do not know the SCAC or Carrier Code. It is designed to be used as a discovery tool if the carrier is unknown and there is no other way to find the carrier. If the Auto Carrier Identification tool is used by default, you may expect a large number of tracking failures.

  • This feature only works with container ID, not with master bill of lading. If you have a master bill of lading, the first four alpha characters should be your carrier code or a SCAC associated with a carrier.
  • Excludes Evergreen at this time
  • No retry at this time. ACI will deactivate if not successful on the first attempt
  • Last update status messages for ACI can be found here.