How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to containers using the No Code Workbook?

Explanation of how to subscribe and unsubscribe using the No Code Workbook

To see data returned for containers tracked in your No Code Workbook, you must first subscribe to them. This process can be initiated by entering in the container ID and carrier code or bill of lading and carrier code. Next, navigate to the Containers tab (which will appear first by default), and select Vizion Tools and "Subscribe to Containers". This subscription will allow you to keep track of the desired containers in your workbook, providing real time data on the containers you are monitoring.

When you are finished tracking containers, it is important to unsubscribe from them to avoid cluttering your workbook with unnecessary information. To unsubscribe, navigate to the Containers tab, check the checkbox in the Unsubscribe? column in the rows of the containers you no longer want to track. Once you have made your selections, go to Vizion Tools and choose "Unsubscribe from Selection". This will remove these containers from your list of active references, allowing you to focus only on the containers that are currently in transit and relevant to you.