How do I use the GET List All Active References API end-point to see what shipments I am currently tracking?

This article will describe output from the GET end-point and how to work with it.

When looking to see what shipments you have created a reference for tracking you may use the GET List All Active References API end-point to show all of your active references. Here you can find a combination of active parent and child references returned. In order to understand which children references belong to the parent you can use two methods:

Exact matching on parent reference ID

When a parent reference ID value is populated in a reference you may search the active references for a reference ID that matches the parent ID. If found, you have identified the parent reference.

Matching on master bill of lading

Similar to matching a parent reference ID to an actual parent reference you may also use the master bill of lading value from the child reference and search all active references for references that have the same master bill of lading value. This search will yield all children references as well as the parent reference. The parent reference can be identified as not having a parent reference ID or container ID value populated.


This API end-point will only return references that are active at the time of query. A log of all references created should be kept by the end-user. Once a reference is unsubscribed it is only accessible by calling the GET Reference Info API end-point using the reference ID for the inactive reference.


In the example response below a reference was created using only the master bill of lading ONEYSINA68242400. The parent reference ID for the master bill of lading reference is 4957db10-203c-4607-aff9-13e40d023972 (see in bold).

Because a container ID is present and a parent reference ID is present this reference is a child reference. Child references are not a named field, please reference the reference ID field containing 77ca0b50-f2bd-4b5c-9270-72245b6b899f (see in bold).


"id": "77ca0b50-f2bd-4b5c-9270-72245b6b899f",

"container_id": "TCLU1791408",

"bill_of_lading": "ONEYSINA68242400",

"carrier_scac": "ONEY",

"callback_url": "",

"organization_id": "29c0635d-efb1-4871-b173-b3022a13d1c1",

"parent_reference_id": "4957db10-203c-4607-aff9-13e40d023972",

"active": true,

"last_update_status": "data_received",

"created_at": "2020-12-16T14:54:44.359Z",

"updated_at": "2020-12-23T16:21:02.807Z",

"last_update_attempted_at": "2020-12-23T16:21:02.764Z",

"retry_count": 14,

"organization": {

"id": "2a5b3022d-efb1-4871-b173-19c0613d1c1",

"name": "Vizion",

"active": true,

"created_at": "2020-01-17T01:35:25.139Z",

"updated_at": "2020-01-17T01:35:25.139Z"