Enabling Auto-unsubscribe

This article explains how the Auto-unsubscribe feature of the API functions and how to have it enabled

What is Auto-Unsubscribe?

The Vizion API will now detect the presence of a new shipment cycle and deactivate container tracking references automatically.

Auto-unsubscribe works in one of the following ways:

  1. The API detects an actual "gate in empty return" event in the current journey's milestones

  2. The API detects the start of a new container journey

An actual "gate in empty return"

If Auto-unsubscribe is enabled for the account, the API will check each reference's latest update for the inclusion of a "gate in empty return" milestone at the destination port. If one is found, the reference will be automatically unsubscribed or deactivated.

The start of a new container journey

If the latest reference update contains entirely different milestones that occurred later than the last available milestone in the previous update's milestone list, the API will determine that the container has started a new journey and automatically unsubscribe.

The Vizion API also utilizes logic for its own housekeeping that identifies references that are a few months old and have completed at least one journey. If there has been no new milestone activity or we detect a new container journey, our system will automatically unsubscribe from those references. This is true for all accounts regardless of Auto-unsubscribe.

How do I enable Auto-Unsubscribe?

Auto-unsubscribe can be enabled for your account (on both Demo and Production environments of the API) as a part of a new or existing plan at no additional cost.

If you would like to have Auto-unsubscribe enabled, you only need to request it by writing in to support@vizionapi.com!

For users with No-Code Work Books (NCWBs) using Google Sheets, Auto-Unsubscribe will still work to stop tracking your references based on the conditions above. However, it will not automatically remove containers from your workbook.

To remove containers from your workbook, you will still need to use the "Unsubscribe container" option in the Vizion Tools menu to delete them fully.