Container Trace [BETA]

The Container Trace feature returns an array of vessel movements for the provided container Reference.

What is Container Trace?

The Container Trace endpoint of the Vizion API is used to trace the movements of a vessel that is presently transporting the container being tracked on the provided reference.

This feature is in beta testing. For access, please contact

How do I use Container Trace?

Container Trace is currently available in BETA form to PRO TIER users.

Using Postman

The simplest means of trying Container Trace is with our Postman collection here and using the predefined GET [Beta] List Container Trace request. You will need to provide your Demo or Production API key for access.

Using a custom integration

If you're building a custom integration or integrating the Vizion API into your proprietary or third-party system, please click here to view our API documentation pertaining to Container Trace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a character limit to the API response of a trace? In other words, can a trace response be too long and not return in full?

No. There is no limit to the response returned by the Container Trace endpoint.

If you are not seeing the full response within your integration, we recommend confirming that there is not a limit imposed on the user side that is preventing the response from being fully returned or viewed.

It's possible that we'll look into returning a reduced or "recent coordinates only" trace in the future, but there is currently no guarantee or timeline for this decision.