Can I pass custom data into the API to be returned to me in the JSON payload?

This article will explain how to pass custom data through the Vizion API.

The Vizion API does not allow for custom input parameters to be submitted with the POST to create a reference. If you would like to mimic this functionality you are able to do so with URL query strings.

In order to pass custom data using a query string method, you must provide a callback URL with your POST so that you can add query string parameters to the end of your URL. When an update for your shipment is received you can reference the values you placed in the URL when you created the reference.

For example, if you have two customers and would like to use the same callback URL but would like to quickly know which customer requires the tracking information returned by Vizion, you may submit a callback URL that looks like the following:

Customer 'A' callback URL:

Customer 'B' callback URL:

In this example, updates for both customer A and B will be returned to the same location but further logic can determine what to do with the update received.


URL query strings are not directly supported by Vizion and will require development work by the end-user. You can find more information on how URL query strings work here.